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 “Since we made the switch to NDX Archives, our storage costs have been significantly reduced. In addition to achieving real savings, we have been very pleased with their service commitment and ability to deliver.”
- Whiteford Taylor Preston, LLP

“After reviewing many quotes on this job, the decision was made to go with NDX Archives for reasons other than just price. From the get-go, I was impressed with the attention to detail and the high level of customer service that we received from inception to completion. The project was completed in a timely fashion and we are completely satisfied with the results of the scans. I would recommend NDX for any project you may have that falls under their scope of service.”
- Baltimore Orioles

“We began using Next Day Xpress for our shipping needs over three years ago. They have helped us to become more efficient by providing tools that allow us to quickly and accurately track our packages. Their customer service is outstanding and they always go above and beyond to ensure that our clients are satisfied.”
- KTBS Payroll, aka. Kelly & Associates Financial Services

“NDX has done many projects for us that involved many hours and experience in the Title Industry. The owner’s wife has over 18 years experience in the business, which gives us peace of mind that it was done correctly, as well, each job was done on time and under budget. Now we can contact NDX by 5:00 p.m. and we always know they will find our file and have it to us by 10:30 the next morning - all this for less than $15 ! ” - Fidelity National Title / Chicago Title

“RGS has been a Next Day Xpress customer since 1989. In 2004, we converted all of our file boxes to NDX Archives, from our prior vendor. In doing so, RGS received a significant cost savings and a dramatic increase in the level of service. Now that the conversion to NDX is complete, our file requests arrive first thing in the morning at 50% less than what we were paying.”
- RGS Title

“We were storing over 400 file boxes with a national storage vendor and we were dissatisfied with the price and the level of service we received. Once we converted to NDX, JHU Wilmer has seen a 40% savings over the previous vendor. Using NDX’s internet tool, InfoKeeper, JHU can now access file information, request retrievals, run reports and request file destruction, all without having to pick up the phone.”
- Johns Hopkins University, Wilmer Institute

"The conversion process from our previous offsite vendor was very pain-free. I know that RMG's day-to-day contact with NDX has been very happy with the level of service and help you and your team provided during this process. This project has been on my to-do list for years and it feels good to finally be able to cross it off the list.  I'd be happy to tell everyone how much money the transfer will be saving us and how easy it was to convert. Thank you for everything."
- Rosenberg Martin Greenberg, LLP

"NDX and I have been working together to convince the partners to make the transition from our previous vendor, to your offsite storage facility. During the transition process, NDX and its employees have been pleasant, courteous, and above all professional, during this very difficult move. I have also used the Next Day Xpress service and have found it to be excellent. I am impressed with the tracking of the package with every stage of delivery."
- Blades & Rosenfeld, P.A.

"I will admit from the start, that I am a fan of NDX. They have been delivering payroll and quarter end packages for us since October 1999. In addition, we have been using their document storage services as well for the past four years. They treat our packages like they were theirs. One quick call and we have the information. We have had over 100,000 packages delivered by NDX. They know their business and they know our business. You owe yourself a business discussion with them."
- PrimePay

 “We contracted with NDX for our File Storage and have been very happy with how they handle our account. They are professional, efficient and take ownership of the process”.
- Orthopaedic Associates of Central Maryland

“We feel that NDX has the same business philosophy towards their clients as we do and they treat every person and every single delivery with extreme importance. NDX keeps us updated with open communication backed by real time tracking technology. As a payroll company, our clients do not want to hear excuses why they did not receive their paychecks on time. So, we must rely on an exceptionally reliable delivery service, and that is why we have used NDX exclusively, since we founded Custom Payroll Services in 1995.”
- Custom Payroll Services

“Manekin has been using NDX for more than 15 years, starting with their overnight deliveries. We now use NDX for our record storage as well and are extremely satisfied. NDX’s customer service is exceptional and we are saving considerable sums annually, by moving our records to NDX. John Corbitt and his team have been a pleasure to deal with and are responsive to our needs.”
- Manekin

“I can confirm that NDX has a model for customer service that is incredibly rare in the marketplace today.  They are prompt, pleasant to work with, and tremendously helpful in solving problems. They have been a real joy to deal with.“
- Funk and Bolton, P.A.

“Land America had thousands of files on open shelving in our building in downtown Baltimore. Working in very difficult conditions, NDX sent teams into the basement to box the files, and transport to their facility. Since then, Land America has retrieved an average of 7-10 files per week that are pulled and delivered back to us by 10:30 the morning after they are requested.”
- Land America Title

“You guys are the best!  I love working with everyone over there, and that goes unsaid a lot, so I just thought I’d let you know!“
- First Mountain Title

“I had a chat with an attorney yesterday who expressed his happiness with you guys and said it was night and day from his experience with our previous vendor “.
- Whiteford Taylor Preston, LLP

 “Our company loves the convenience and security of using NDX.  It is a pleasure to know we can obtain a file whenever needed. The amount that we save monthly on storage and retrieval of records entirely pays for NDX’s services. Great customer service, accessibility via phone, email and fax, and prompt courteous responses makes retrieval a simple and effortless task. There is not one reason I can come up with not to use NDX. “
Mardiney Allergy Clinics

 “Our company had a basement filled with boxes and hundreds of other files on open shelves. In anticipation of an upcoming move, we turned to NDX Archives to help organize and clean out the basement. The boxes are now safe, organized and easily accessible to us when we need them.”
- Visiting Nurses Association of Maryland

"We used to keep our files boxes in the basement of our building because we thought we needed immediate access and thought it would be easier to retrieve ourselves. The problem was every time we went down to look for something we could never find it. When we compared the storage fees through NDX Archives we were spending five times more. It was costing us more to send our own people downstairs because of the time it took to find something, not to mention we took them away from the important work that needed to be done in the office.”
- Marsden, Botsaris & Seledee, P.A.     

“Thanks for helping Equity Title transfer our self-storage unit files to the NDX Archives storage center. The NDX team did it all, and over the course of just five years, Equity will save over $22,000 or 50% in storage fees. Remarkably, there was no impact to our business operations because of your speed, your flexibility in working with our schedule and your ability to provide us with file retrievals during the transfer.  We are now more efficient, more productive and more profitable. I’d recommend your services to anyone.”
- Equity Title

I am a relatively new client of NDX and would just like to take the time to complement Tim Reneicke and everyone at NDX for their professionalism, excellent business practices, expedience, customer service and reasonable fees. I have used a variety of off-site file storage companies, only to grow dissatisfied after a few months. Not only does everyone perform his job competently, each of the employees does it with a smile and pleasantness. In this day and age of stressed out people and lack of customer service, I am one consumer who truly appreciates your services and your approach to business.”
- Andrea K. Sugar, P.A.

“We love NDX, here at Elite Settlements!  You guys provide great service for a better price than FedEx.  Your staff is very friendly and helpful.  Most importantly, I was impressed with Don’s willingness to accommodate our schedule. We have referred NDX to a few other business affiliates we do business with on a consistent basis. Keep up the great work!  It is a pleasure to know we can support a small, local business venture that creates a mutually advantageous service for our company.”
- Elite Settlements LLC

"We thought we were saving money by storing our records in a self storage unit and picking up files as we needed them. But after switching to NDX Archives we realized that the old way actually cost us a lot more money and caused a ton of headaches. Every time one of our employees had to go over to retrieve a file they were out for at least an hour which took them away from what they should have been doing in the office.   NDX came over to the self storage unit and took care of everything - we did not have to do one thing.”
- Trade Winds Title

“Our Company uses Next Day Xpress for all of our overnight mail in the Greater Washington/Baltimore Metropolitan areas. They are pleasant to do business with and dependable. It’s nice to know that I don’t have to worry about time-sensitive documentation arriving on time. The customer service can’t be beat.”
- Insurance Services Firm

“Our court reporting company is a customer-service-oriented business. We serve an exclusive set of clients who have high expectations. To meet their expectations, we carefully select our vendors in order to provide high-end performance for all of our clients. NDX has never let us down; they go out of their way to make sure our deliveries are made on time. In addition to representing NDX in a professional manner, all members of their staff are friendly and personable. In a word, NDX is DEPENDABLE.” 
Al Betz & Associates, M.B.A., C.F.O

“We think your services are the best. Your drivers are always so pleasant, friendly, and reliable. Your delivery service and customer service is just excellent; I do not think you could do anything to improve upon what you already have. We use NDX almost every day and have never been disappointed. Thank you for being such a great company to work with!”
- Studio Z Design Concepts, LLC

“I am extremely pleased with the service NDX offers, but more importantly, I love to hear your cheerful voices when I call in personally. The employee who comes to our office is always whistling & happy, thanks us when he leaves. I prefer doing business by phone or in person, and talking to another human being. Thank you for your great service & even better rates. You beat FedEx by a mile & not just in price.” 
Tax Experience CPA Inc


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